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“Occupy Wall Street” and Anti-Semitism

October 14, 2011

The failure of higher education to consistently affirm the principles of the American regime through a required Core Curriculum is exhibited in media commentary on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

This organized movement utilizes tactics of agitation and propaganda perfected by ideological mass movements in the 20th century. The strategy behind these tactics is to soften up the established authorities, identify their weaknesses, and then push through the points of least resistance. The Bolshevik movement in Russia perfected these tactics in order to utilize the weapons of the stages of history that were in hand. In the case of bourgeois society, “bourgeois” values such as equality, social justice, and civil rights could be used as weapons that would attract followers who would in turn be used to break the authority of elected governments. The Nazi Movement in Germany also manipulated the general population with intimidation, agitation and propaganda. One of the tools of the Nazi movement was anti-Semitism.

Our socialist president understands, and he himself employed, tactics of agitation and propaganda when he was a “community organizer” in Chicago and as an instructor as the “progressive” Midwest Academy. Because of the President’s “balanced” approach to Muslim countries in foreign policy and his diffidence in the face of dangers faced by Israel as the Arab Spring turns ugly, all Americans should be concerned if Occupy Wall Street has ties directly to the White House, or to the President’s operatives in his campaign.

Social protests used as a campaign tactic are unusual for a major American political party, but this is a very unusual President. As such, we should not quickly assume that the Occupy Wall Street movement is just another protest movement.

The movement has political purposes that have yet to be revealed and could easily and very quickly get out of control. What I fear is that the crazies who appear at World Trade Organization gatherings will lead to the equivalent of a Krystalnacht.

Jews as a percentage of all executives in our financial institutions are greater than in other sectors of the economy and the heads of some major Wall Street firms are Jewish. It is only a matter of time before some malignant persons make a connection between Jews and Wall Street and suddenly Occupy Wall Street has actual persons to attack.

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have already toured the neighborhoods of some of America’s wealthiest financiers. Targeting people as opposed to their policies is a very dangerous and potentially explosive development that we all should worry about.

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