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Ralf Seiffe RIP

September 4, 2011

The Illinois Policy Institute reports the loss of one of its good friends, Ralph Seiffe. I encourage readers of this moving obituary and a 2005 commencement address by Steve Jobs to appreciate anew the joy and pain of human mortality and to thank those many men and women, like Ralph Seiffe and Steve Jobs, who celebrate life daily.

The liberty movement lost a great friend when Ralf Seiffe died unexpectedly yesterday morning. Ralf was truly one of life’s unique characters that come along all too rarely. Ralf was a joyful lover of life, people, history, culture and, of course, liberty. Ralf was a fountain of creativity. He always had a breadth and depth of knowledge on his many brainstorms, but what was so amazing to me was that he always knew more pertinent and interesting information about my crazy ideas than I did. Not only that, he could add value to the idea of the guy on the bar stool sitting next to us on a Friday afternoon at Hackneys.

One day, Ralf’s business partner, Richard Lorenc, a friend of mine and former colleague, came to me and said, “I was thinking of starting a business that would bring people of modest means together who love liberty and help them aggregate their giving power to create an impact on the liberty movement.”

He shared further details. I told Richard that it was an interesting idea. Truthfully, I didn’t get it. Eventually Richard and Ralf got together to discuss this idea and what has evolved is a very creative, amazing concept whose future is bright. When Ralf heard the very same idea, his mind opened and he deployed his vast intellect, his creativity and his passion to help Richard make the idea better and implementable. My mind was closed, but Ralf’s was open and creative. That was Ralf.

Ralf was like that about everything….Continue reading on The Illinois Policy Institute >>

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