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The Pope Center Asks: Can Philanthropy Rescue Higher Education?

December 21, 2011

Lenore T. Ealy of the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy posted and essay this morning asking if the type of philanthropy that was activated by F. A. Hayek’s essay, “The Intellectuals and Socialism” in 1949 rescue modern-day higher ed:

By the end of World War II, freedom and its institutions were under siege in the United States. Woodrow Wilson had rationalized the administrative state; Roosevelt’s New Deal had redirected Americans’ loyalties from their localities and states toward the federal government; and the socialist dreams that had given rise to both Nazi and Communist totalitarianism had infected many of America’s intellectual elite.

These events awakened a number of philanthropists to the pressing need to understand, restate, and amplify the philosophic foundations of a free society and to re-ground our social institutions, including educational and charitable entities, on classical liberal principles. Ultimately, they focused on restoring respect for limited government rather than trying to change the institutions that had become permeated with Progressivism. They chose to support small nodes of classical liberal scholarship, wherever they appeared, inside or outside higher education…Continue reading Can Philanthropy Rescue Higher Education? >>

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