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Say it ain’t so Joe!

December 8, 2015

Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough created a television Talk Show based on a novel political business model. The idea on which this model is based asserts that we Americans of all different persuasions actually are similarly rooted in a common center. Black, white, yellow and brown, Protestant, Catholic and Jew and maybe even Muslim really hover within a range of ideas that never fully move too far left or right. Therefore, we all should love one another.

The parade of witnesses brought to Joe Scarborough’s early morning show on MSNBC are greeted with hugs as Joe tries to find the middle ground that unites them all. It becomes a bit strained when Pat Buchanan was expelled from MSNBC and everyone else on Joe’s show is a Leftie, but that doesn’t deter Joe Scarborough. He’s a happy guy and wants everyone to feel happy too.

In 2008 before the Democratic and Republican national conventions, Joe was hugging and kissing everyone. After the election when President Barack Obama revealed that he was not rooted in the center of America’s political spectrum and planned to use all his powers to move American politics in the direction of European-style socialism, Joe’s business model began to look broken.

Even Joe expressed outrage, at least once, about his own MSNBC’s evening schedule of radical leftists– the Tokyo Rose of Talk Radio Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann who nightly gave a good imitation of Mad Cow’s Disease, and so many others too numerous to name.

MSNBC is so far to the left of Joe’s mythical center that it’s apparent that MSNBC may have bought into Joe Scarborough’s goo-goo journalism to use Joe as window dressing to shield Comcast—MSNBC’s owner–from criticism aimed at PBS—biased and left-wing.

All this would be good fun were it not for Joe Scarborough’s persistent claims that he and all the rest of us are centrists when every morning he is surrounded by the cream of New York’s liberal society.

So when you get right down to it what we are looking at is a scam.

There is no center about which we can all agree. Joe’s show is nothing more than a showcase for every liberal poseur from Arianna Huffington to Eugene Robinson not to mention other boring, insipid, liberal personalities trotted out from NBC’s stable of “suits.”

Please, Say It Ain’t So, Joe.

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