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What’s Going On?

February 3, 2016

Long time Republicans don’t seem to like Donald Trump, but independents and some Democrats weary of Obama’s Leftward tilt think Trump is just right. GOP Governors Christie and Bush don’t like Marco Rubio. Yet, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham admits that young Marco will become President of the United States–someday–just not now. And “social conservatives” love Ted Cruz who struggles to include Libertarians and economic conservatives in his coalition.

Unfortunately, there is no one candidate liked by every Republican voter.

We were spoiled by the likes of Ronald Reagan who consistently advocated conservative, limited government, policies and stood fast during three attempts to win the GOP nomination. Donald Trump likes to say that Ronnie was a Democrat before becoming a Republican. But that doesn’t seem to satisfy voters who learn that Trump, not very long ago, was on the opposite side of most issues today and claims that he has reformed.

Not very long ago, Marco Rubio, well, Marco is a youngster with little experience to recommend himself and an annoying manner of calling for a new “American century” and forgetting that this concept advocated the bringing of Democracy throughout the world, something that “W” did and in doing so created a menace as great as Adolph Hitler.

John Kasich, a very experienced former member of Congress and current Governor of Ohio is a “Me Too” Republican who seems not to have seen a government policy he didn’t like as long as his Ohio constituents went along.

And so it is with a Grand Old Party that has lost two consecutive elections to a Marxist-trained community organizer and, even with Congressional majorities in both houses of Congress, can’t seem to want to shut down President Obama’s government or introduce Impeachment charges for a vote. Sen. Mitch McConnell is a throwback to an earlier time when every President spent summers in Kennebunkport. There seems to be a spark of innovation in Paul Ryan, but he is committed to a legislative process that ignores immediate, principled, action.

All in all, it looks like the GOP will lose the 2016 Presidential election except for the incredible problems facing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. That leaves Bernie Sanders who has ignited the interest of low information voters who never read the Communist Manifesto.

So, maybe the problem isn’t with the candidates. The problem may be the dumbing down of Americans by a failed system of education that offers everything, but affirms nothing. If a country’s educators stand for nothing, why expect our politicians to stand for something? Visit any university campus in America, with the exception of about ten known for being “conservative,” and you find that students are not required to study American history, government or free market economics. Required courses in the history of Western civilization hasn’t been required for forty-five years. That is the finding of a study by the American Council of Alumni and Trustees–posted at this Website yesterday–and, frankly, it scares the hell out of me.

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