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Peter Drucker on “Charismatic leaders”

February 5, 2016

These sentences in Peter Drucker’s The New Realities (Harper and Row, 1989) shed some light on this year’s Presidential election.

“Every one of the charismatic leaders of this century ended up a maniac.”

“Charisma without a program is always ineffectual. But there are no programs today.”

This should give pause to those of us considering whether to vote for The Donald, Marco Rubio or Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is riding the Leftward movement of the Democrats under President Barack Obama and has a program that will destroy the American economy, if elected.

The Donald has no experience in politics or government and is supremely confident that his business experience is all that is needed to make America great again.

And Marco Rubio, as I explained in this essay in the American Spectator, will be, like President John F. Kennedy, “over his head” if elected.

All three are charismatic leaders, like JFK, and that should give us great concern.

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