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Conservative Journalism and the Dangers of Corporations

February 11, 2016

This report from NewsMax is evidence of the danger of corporate ownership of major media.   Rupert Murdock Taking Direct Control of Fox News

Rupbert Murdock’s form of adovcacy journalism was refreshing when first it was introduced in the United States at Fox News. The fraudulent claim of objectivity by the three networks of the day, ABC, NBC and CBS. was difficult for conservatives to stomach and led Sen. Jesse Helms to call for a proxy fight aimed at a takeover of CBS.

But News Corp has its own interests.

Wars, for example, sell eye-ball access to Cable, print and online journalism of the Wall Street Journal and Fox News. For many years WSJ was family-owned, conservative, and consistent. Not any more. There has been a changing of the guard at the WSJ–gone are John Fund and Steve Moore.

And Fox News, according to Dick Morris, is now pushing the candidacy of Marco Rubio.

Rubio’s foreign policy experience is slim, but he advocates something that Henry Luce called the “American Century” in which the United States is encouraged to promote democracy throughout the world–or else.  Marco is robotic in calling for a new American Century and that is worrisome.

The failed foreign policies of George W. Bush are examples of what happens when you thrust democracy upon other countries and regions of the world. If Dick Morris’ claims of Murdoch influence at Fox News are accurate, then we should be very careful of what we read or watch in News Corp media.

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