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Missouri Justice

February 26, 2016 reports that Melissa Click, member of the University of Missouri Communication faculty, has been fired by the University of Missouri Board of Curators. The vote was 4-2 and based on actions Click took during student demonstrations on the University of Missouri campus. Some believe that threats to cut financial support by the Missouri state legislature forced a decision to fire Dr. Click.

Across America public universities are facing diminished state support and state legislatures are more open to using the power of the purse to pressure public universities to shape up–or else.

Facing wide scale criticism, Colorado University-Boulder moved to fire radical Ward Churchill and responded by asking Colorado conservatives to create a “Conservatism Visiting Scholar Program.”  That program survived three years before faculty engaged in a takeover of the “Conservatism” program.

University of Missouri faculty have been placed on notice that their tenured lifestyles depend on the goodwill of elected members of the Missouri state legislature. Whether the lesson “sticks,” or whether faculty will continue to believe they have complete power over their institutions, is the question now being asked by Colorado state legislators of CU-Boulder and Missouri state legislators of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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