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Are Trump and Rubio Listening?

February 27, 2016

Neither Donald Trump nor Sen. Marco Rubio has devoted years of study to national security or foreign policy. None has put together and consulted with teams of experts on important foreign policy issues that will affect their Presidencies. And when Donald Trump is pressed about his advisors, he mention that he watches former generals or high ranking former bureaucrats whom they are interviewed on TV.

Apparently neither Trump nor Rubio is aware that U.S. military officers represent the interests of their military Services. Neither appears to be aware that former career State Department foreign service officers represent the interests of the U.S Foreign Service.

The Cato Institute is aware of this lack of knowledge and has published an essay by T. X. Hammes, a former Marine Corps officer and Distinguished Fellow at the U.S. National Defense University.

Technologies Convergence

Mr. Hammes reports on technological improvements that are changing how wars are waged. His analysis suggests that the United States if not prepared. Are The Donald and Marco listening?

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