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The Sad Case of VWs PC and Immorality

March 9, 2016

In 1987 I began to work for a president of a German state university in Bavaria. During my travels in Germany, I was picked up in an Audi manufactured in Ingolstat and was very impressed with German engineering.  I later purchased an Audi A-4 and on travel for my company I once rented a VW Passat.

When I began to drive the VW, I was so impressed that I resolved to sell my 2009 Mazda and purchase a VW.

At the end of my journey from Gainesville to Orlando, I changed my mind. I sensed that there were problems with the way the VW Passat handled and sounded, and I felt that the car was “over engineered.”

While working in Germany, I became aware that Political Correctness dominated  Germany industry. My German client was required to have a diverse Board of Trustees, as if that had anything to do with university education in Bavaria.

Later, in 2014, VW required that its manufacturing facility in Tennessee accept collective bargaining with its employees. Why seek efficiencies of manufacturing of VWs in the South, if you accept collective bargaining with unions?  Unionization of VW in Tennessee

There is no rational reason, except Political Correctness, to do that.

Despite VW’s PC ideology, which was bad enough, VW engineers participated in a massive fraud in order to avoid emissions regulations. Resignation of VWs U.S. head

How can we reconcile VW’s PC with VW’s immorality?

And how can VW survive the penalties of billions of dollars that VW will be forced to pay in US penalties?

The only way to do that, I believe, is for VW to declare bankruptcy and for the German state to assume ownership of VW.  Let Bonn deal with this. No private company can.

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