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Club for Growth is Off Message

March 10, 2016

Pat Toomey elevated Club for Growth to new levels of effectiveness by bringing together Republicans and Independents who support Supply-side tax cuts. No doubt tempted to use his position as Club president to advocate other issues, Toomey was disciplined and always stayed on message.

When Sen. Toomey decided to run for the U.S. Senate, his successor, former Congressman, Chris Chacola, languished in Obama’s weak economy and donations diminished. Chacola’s successor, David McIntosh, another former Congressmen,  has not stayed on message and has made a novice’s mistake by taking  CFG off message. According to a recent report, “Club for Growth has invested $1.5 million to oppose Donald Trump.”

When McIntosh moves on, the Club’s members should consider someone other than a former Congressman to replace him.  Raymond Keating would be a good choice.

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