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The Coming Four-Party System

May 9, 2016

Donald Trump successfully challenged the Republican Establishment and, in doing so, if Trump wins, the United States will begin to see the making of a four-Party system of government.

One new party will be formed to merge the internationalist wings of both parties.

The “old” Republican Party will become home of free trade, limited government, conservatives.

Democrats will openly become the Socialist party.

Trump’s Republicans will become the party of American labor–much like the Democrat Party–before Barack Obama.

For twenty years, from the election of FDR in 1932 and the election of President Eisenhower in 1952, Democrats rejected Classical liberalism in favor of government intervention in the economy and approved removal of Japanese-American citizens from the West Coast of the United States.  American politics was solidly in the camp of Democrats.

With the election of President Barack Obama, the “old” Democrat Party has lost more Governors, U.S. Senators and seats in the U.S. House of Representatives than during the terms of any other Democrat President, yet Republican majorities in Congress did nothing.

Their inaction has led to a revolt against Congressional Republicans and handed the GOP nomination for President of the United States to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was successful by rejecting three principles of the modern GOP–free trade, a political religion of democracy and open immigration.

American Labor Unions and working class voters have responded favorably to Trump’s criticism of NAFTA and other trade agreements that were approved by Republican and Democrat Presidents alike.

War-weary Americans have responded favorably to Trump’s criticism of the pursuit of Woodrow Wilson’s and George W. Bush’s expansion of democracy by military force.

Americans concerned about immigration–legal and illegal–approve Trump’s call to build a wall along our border with Mexico and for restricting immigration of persons from Muslim countries.

By rejecting these three principles–free trade, a political religion of democracy and open immigration–Donald Trump has re-designed the Republican Party and made it similar to the “old” Democrat Party before Barack Obama.

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