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Rioters at Trump Rally in San Jose

June 3, 2016

A friend of many years, and one of our Founding Faculty at Yorktown University, Thomas Payne, retired from teaching, earned a law degree and had a private practice in Cincinnati. I once asked Tom why so many politicians from Ohio are “moderates.” He replied, “Ohio never had a conservative movement.”

Think of John Kasich, John Boehner and Rob Portman and you get a sense that these “Republicans” are to the left of the national GOP now being shaped by Donald Trump.

That wing of the GOP, represented by the Bush family, and the GOP chairman, Reince Priebus, lost their hold on the Republican Party to Donald Trump–except for their decision to hold the July GOP convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

As I have mentioned several times, Cleveland is not a good place to hold a convention. The spaces available to gather are “tight” and convention planners have constructed a trail for protestors that takes them within feet of the convention hall.

Last night, the San Jose Mercury News reports, protesters attacked Trump supporters who attended Trump’s rally in San Jose, CA.

Riots in San Jose

All this is but a prelude to a major opportunity for organized riots in Cleveland.  My personal view is that this has the capability of turning Cleveland 2016 into Chicago 1968 and convention managers, local authorities and local policy must be prepared for rioting much like that which occurred in Chicago in 1968, Seattle in 2006 and which is now occurring along the Trump campaign trail.

I don’t want to blame President Obama personally, but as a former community organizer, he is well aware that active protests that verge on riots are an additional weapon in the clash between established “interests” and those with grievances. White House orchestration of “Occupy Wall Street” and, later, silence in face of rioters promoting “Black Lives Matter,” moves American politics very close to conditions in Italy and Germany immediately before the ascension to power of Mussolini and Hitler.


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