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Thank you, Facebook!

June 6, 2016

Parents with older children know that if they want to talk to them, don’t call, text them.

Modern technologies enrich our lives on many levels, but technologies that enhance our ability to communicate are the most important.

I learned that this weekend when I began to receive “Happy Birthday” messages from Facebook users. Former students, fellow conservatives, family, friends, business associates went out of their way to say “Happy Birthday.”

Clearly, Facebook is performing important things for individuals, families, groups, institutions and businesses. We learned, for example, that there are more than 18 million Facebook users who consider themselves “conservative” and that, for a modest investment in targeted Facebook marketing, we could build a community of 100,000-plus Facebook users who tell us who they are and how to contact them.

When Yorktown University marketed its first courses in 2001, had there been a Facebook that we could have utilized, we could have invested in targeted marketing of our services.

Fifteen years is a lifetime in a business and though Facebook may not have enabled us to break through the regulatory barriers that were constructed to keep high technology, low cost, Internet delivered education companies out of the education marketplace. But, when those barriers fall, as they surely will, all those formerly protected, high cost, colleges and universities will begin to fail.




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