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Dump Trump?

June 9, 2016

When political parties realign, there is always a loser. This year there are two losers: the GOP and the American people.

A report compiled by Yahoo News titled “Talk grows of replacing Trump at GOP convention,” reveals who is still thinking of an alternative to Trump

Yahoo News Reports on Move to Dump Trump

Prominent in this report are Eric Ericson of Red State who early called for an alternative to Trump, Hew Hewitt, David French, and a smattering of lesser personalities. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is cited as a likely stand in for Trump.

All this is merely the Neconservative, War faction, ruing the day that Scott Walker was wiped out early in this year’s GOP nomination campaign. I commented on the manipulation of Gov. Walker by neoconservatives eager to “train” him to sound like them.

Scott Walker’s Main Chance

That doesn’t mean that Trump is not a grave danger to the GOP, but the damage has already been done. We are in process of a political alignment and Trump was able to detect how that realignment would play out.

Unfortunately, the Democrats are not changing the Progressive course laid out by President Barack Obama and the United States is moving very quickly to the Left. The consequences of that are apparent in a weak economy, outsized federal deficits, and a widely shared belief that government is the answer to America’s, largely economics, problems.

If you felt that you were diminished by the administrative state during the Obama Administration, get used to it. Until a reconfigured opposition Party arises from the ashes of the current realignment, Democrats will move the nation ever farther to the Left.

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