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Amazon and Education Opportunity

June 10, 2016

The Higher Education Act of 1965 instituted a program in Title IV of that Act that provided  subsidized tuition loans for college students at accredited colleges and universities.  Academic “accreditation” began in 1885 when the existing colleges at the time divided the nation into “regions.”‘  “Associations” of schools domiciled in those region affirmed the degree programs that aspiring colleges offered and conferred what came to be called “regional accreditation.”

Since there was no Internet in the last 19th century, the only colleges and universities to attain regional accreditation operated from physical campuses.  One hundred and thirty-one years later, regional accreditation requires that colleges offer courses and programs for degree credit from physical campuses.

This system of accreditation “standards,” Title IV regulations and state regulations are as dense and demanding as regulations in banking and pharmaceuticals and are the reasons that a college education costs too much. Some employers are beginning to take notice and instituted education programs to alleviate the education deficiencies of their employees.

Amazon’s “Career Choice” program is an example that will become more common as employers attempt to deal with employees who aspire to an education, but have no way of achieving their personal education goals under current regulatory conditions.

Amazon’s Career Choice Program

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