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The Coming Four Party System, Part Two

June 26, 2016

On May 9 I wrote of the coming Four Party system.

The Coming Four Party System

The decision by British voters to leave the European Union gave new insight into that prediction.

Many who were surprised by this decision by British voters were “internationalists” in both Republican and Democrat Parties who believe with religious fervor in international law and supra-sovereign international organizations.  Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations, its successor the United Nations and the many international organizations that now dominate American foreign policy were designed in the last century to replace balance of power politics.

Proponents of this international “order” were caught off guard–but not Donald Trump and those who understand economics.

The full faith and credit of the United States affirms the value of the American dollar. But a currency union of many nations descended from racially homogeneous ancient tribes is not likely to survive centuries of tradition, history and competing national interests that define the amalgam of what is called a European “Union.”

That is the significance of Donald Trump’s appeal and why the GOP as we know it will be broken up by competing forces into four parts.

George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush and John Ellis Bush are representatives of this internationalist Establishment. They were joined by “Evangelical” Christians who believe that the Bible tells us that the Second Coming of Christ can be hastened by Biblically oriented political action. Neoconservative ideology of democratic idealism was driven by two religions–the secular religion of democracy and millenarian Christian theology.

Traditional, conservative, Republicans are attracted to pragmatic appeals to Constitutional limits on state power and freedom from intrusive government taxation and regulations. Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan were our leaders, not the Bush family–and not Donald Trump.

The Donald is a flawed, but smart, champion who is now leading the GOP into a new era of traditional vs. internationalist politics. Add to that mix a core Libertarian caucus of believers in liberty without moral sanctions and oppose those three groups to a Democrat Party fast becoming like European Social Democrats and you have four parties vying for political power.

The outcome of this contest will be determined by one or two future leaders not yet known to the nation at large.

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