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Watching and Reading the “News”

July 11, 2016

I am frustrated by ignorance and bias that passes for news “reporting” on television and in print media. The New York Times and Washington Post are biased to the point that those two important sources of “news” are unreadable. Politico is equally biased and news anchors for CNN, MSNBC and CBS vary from being biased to simply voices of the Left. Reporters in the field are younger and the product of our deracinated university system so not only do they lack experience but they have not read widely.

Civility has been lost and agitation and propaganda have replaced reasoned speech.

Ninety-two years after the death of Lenin in 1924 and twenty-seven years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Lenin’s methods of revolutionary action have come to dominate American discourse.

Lenin’s “What is to be Done?” (1902) outlined the methods that would achieve revolution. They included a) maintaining large non-Party organizations with mass membership controlled by communists; b) concentration on agitation of single ideas to foment discontent; and c) organized activism aimed at “the masses,” not exclusively the “proletariat.”

From Lenin’s day onward, civil society in the West was disrupted by agitation and propaganda guided by a revolutionary mindset originating in the works of Karl Marx.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, agitation and propaganda did not suddenly disappear.  A habit of agitation and propaganda had developed that was evident in every type of protest. President Barack Obama taught that technique at the Mid-West Academy in Chicago and mastery of agitation and propaganda enabled him to become President of the United States.

Barack Obama understood that, in more ways than one, Vladimir Lenin is alive and well.

Where on the spectrum of public discourse can we find sustained, reasoned reflection?


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