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“We all have implicit biases,” President Obama, Dallas, Texas

July 15, 2016

All 7,000 students in University of Delaware dormitories were required to submit to reform of their thoughts by Resident Administrators (RA) The purpose of this official program of the Office of Resident Life was “to psychologically ‘treat’ and correct the allegedly incorrect thoughts, attitudes, values, beliefs, and habits of the students.”

How the Dorms Are Politicized

When they were undergraduates at Haverford College, Dr. Stanley Kurtz, author of Radical in Chief, and  Dr. Peter Wood, President of the National Association of Scholars, were subjected to a thought reform program administered by Haverford administrators.

Not many of us who go to college expect to be subjected to programs designed to remake us into something other than we were when we entered. Before Political Correctness became the dominant ideology of university professors and administrators, all we wanted was to learn something and earn a diploma.

When I attended Pitt as an undergraduate, so pervasive was the Liberalism of Pitt professors that I rebelled and became a “movement conservative.”

Creation of a Conservative

Dr. Kurtz and Dr. Wood rebelled and became advocates of true education, not the Politically Correct “stuff” that passes for “education” today.

Now, however, we have a President of the United States who declares that our “implicit biases” must be eradicated. Unfortunately, human beings will always act like the human beings they are and carry with them throughout their lives attitudes, biases, and beliefs that nothing can shake. What type of U.S. government program can change that? And will that program be consistent with freedom and liberty of thought and action that is the hallmark of American society?

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