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Trump Will Be a Problem

July 16, 2016

Reports that Donald Trump was seeking ways at the last minute to reverse his pick of Mike Pence to be his Vice President candidate is one sign that The Donald is a “problem.”

Politics attracts all kinds of odd personalities, many ego-driven, who seem to be decent enough to hold appointive or elected office, but they are “problems.”

I now realize, in light of Trump’s crazy attempt to choose someone other than Mike Pence, that The Donald is one of those.

During the first Reagan Administration, the husband of Nancy Reagan’s best friend played a prominent role in the election campaign and then served eight years as Director of USIA.  His name was Charles Z. Wick, a self-made, millionaire and ego-driven maniac. But, he had connections to the First Family, had done some work during the campaign for the candidate, and was given a top appointment. Those who came in contact with him, Ed Rollins, Kenneth Tomlinson, Gilbert Robinson, Robert Reilly, Leslie Lenkowsky, Philip Nicolaides, and others knew he was trouble.

James Baker and Edwin Meese personally warned the President that Wick was trouble, but Ronald Reagan said he was grateful for what Wick had done for him and could have any position he wanted.

Unfortunately, like The Donald, Charlie Wick lived in a world consisting only of himself. Wick literally ran through a series of presidential appointees, the best we conservatives had to offer the new President, and deprived Ronald Reagan’s Republican successors a pool of talented political conservatives with foreign policy experience.

Wick was abusive to underlings in ways that caused those of us who worked for him to think he had to be replaced. We figured that out within weeks of working with him.

Apparently if you have great wealth, you tend not to have concerns for others, and your first response when they do or say something you don’t like, is to fire them. Trump tried to do that to Mike Pence.

We already know that Trump has not studied domestic or foreign policy and he considers that a matter of principle. Opportunities will be lost, if we know or believe in something, so Trump keeps his mind immaculately clean of ideas.

Unfortunately, we conservatives who have been loyal to the Republican Party expect our Presidents to be loyal to us.

There is nothing in Trump’s background to suggest he will be loyal to anyone other than his ego-driven self.

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