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Bye-bye, Roger

July 20, 2016

FoxNews has confirmed that Roger Ailes will depart the media giant that he created. Though this news will be treated in light of sexual harassment allegations against Ailes, the real story is about corporations and news.

Here is a link to comments made on this page five years ago about Rupert Murdoch, News Corp and the danger of corporations that own news media.

Is News Corp good for America?

Members of the Murdoch family, born and raised in Australia, do not share the values that enabled Roger Ailes to grow FoxNews into the media powerhouse that it has become, and want him “out.”

That will signal the departure of conservatives from media owned by News Corp and offer others a chance to take News Corp’s place. Chris Ruddy’s NewsMax TV is a likely successor. The Wall Street Journal, already diminished by the departure of John Fund and other conservatives, will be read only for business news.

I can’t wait to see that happen!

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