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Ted Cruz and Divisions in the GOP

July 21, 2016

If there was any doubt that the GOP is divided, Ted Cruz’ performance at the GOP convention on the evening of July 20 and his remarks before a meeting of the Texas delegation the next day brought most of those divisions into the open.

Over the weeks and months to come, those divisions will become more visible through criticism of Ted Cruz. In many ways, this one Republican politician embodies every aspect of the philosophy of the Internationalist wing of the GOP that led Donald Trump to seek the GOP nomination.

No matter what the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election, the GOP will be shaped by discussion of these three questions about Ted Cruz:

  1. Is Cruz merely a self-absorbed narcissist?
  2. Is Cruz is a forceful advocate of a strict construction of the U. S. Constitution?
  3. Is Cruz is a “dominionist” who believes the word of God trumps the laws of man?
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