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Whither the GOP?

July 31, 2016

Two policies of the first Whigs led by Robert Walpole (1676–1745) were low taxes and disdain of expansionist foreign policies. These Whigs wanted to constrain the monarchy within limits defined by common law and a history of rights established to limit the monarchy.

These old Whigs were like modern American conservative Republicans from Taft, to Goldwater, and Reagan, except the old Whigs were an independent party while American conservatives are a faction within a larger coalition of “Republicans.”

Over the years Conservatives longed for their own Party, but the dominant Democrat Party compelled compromise with Internationalists who approved of a strong Executive. That coalition has been destroyed by failure of nationalistic foreign policies that repeated the mistake of Democrat Woodrow Wilson when in 1917 Wilson thrust the United States into a European war and devoted his time and rhetoric to a new League of Nations.

Wilson’s democratic idealism kept the world at war or in preparation for war from 1917 to the Korean War and a political religion of democracy espoused by George W. Bush will disrupt balance of power in the Middle East and place the United States at risk to Islamic extremists for the next fifty years.

The threat of domestic terror, unilateral exercise of the powers by American Presidents, excessive deficits, an aggressive U.S. Supreme Court and a flood of non-European immigrants promise to fuel conflict in American politics for several generations.

The nomination of Donald Trump, a television celebrity and real estate tycoon who knows nothing about government or governing, assures defeat of the Republican Party in November.

The question we must ask is “Whither the GOP?”

The Internationalist faction represented by the politicians who were not present at the GOP Cleveland convention of has a very long tentacles into the power structure of corporate America.

Conservatives who believe that limiting the power of the federal government is a first principle of their faction are another.

Millenarian Christians, incorrectly called “Evangelicals,” who believe that America is ordained to hasten the Second Coming by bringing Christianity to Muslims are another faction, and can usually be found in alliance with the Internationalists.

During the next several Presidential cycles these factions will battle one another while the Democrats continue to engage in failed policies. Those failures, as they culminate in financial crises and curtailment of Entitlements will give the warring GOP factions an opportunity to put malice aside and work together.

The leader of that new coalition has yet to appear, though younger, 40-ish, politicians on the political scene today have a chance, when they are 60, to achieve success. My own opinion is that someone we do not know, perhaps a young state legislator in some remote part of one of America’s largest states, will rise to the challenge and lead this new Whig Party to ultimate success.


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