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Making money on the Left while being Conservative

August 1, 2016

Paul Manafort’s work for the pro-Russian Viktor F. Yanukovych, former president of Ukraine, has made the news. But conservative political operatives began doing that as early as 1965.  F. Clifton White, mastermind of Barry Goldwater’s presidential nomination convention, worked in Venezuela, after that election in 1964. for a socialist, Carlos Andres Perez of Venezuela.

Here’s a summary of the policies of Clif White’s candidate in Venezuela from Wiki:

Carlos Andrés Pérez

Perez’s policies, including nationalization of the iron and petroleum industries, investment in large state-owned industrial projects for the production of aluminium and hydroelectric energy, infrastructure improvements and the funding of social welfare programs involved massive government spending, to the tune of almost $53 billion.

In the international arena, Pérez supported democratic and progressive causes in Latin America and the world. He reestablished diplomatic relations with Cuba. He opposed the Somoza and Augusto Pinochet regimes.

Others do better.

Consider Arthur Finkelstein

Arthur Finkelstein, one of the premier political consultants on the Right our time, after an illustrious career in domestic American politics, has been active on behalf of conservative parties in Eastern Europe and is an advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

Campaign work is risky business, but the skills learned are marketable for good or ill.

Sen. John McCain’s manager, Steve Schmidt, is now a commentator at MSNBC that has a need to balance its Left with some compatible figures on the Right. Nicolle Wallace, Senior Advisor to the McCain for President campaign, who did not serve Sarah Palin well, now also works for MSNBC.

I don’t know, but isn’t there a better line of work?

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