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Trump–The Anti-War Candidate

August 5, 2016

We sometimes forget that Donald Trump and Sen. Ron Paul were the only anti-war candidates in this year’s race for the GOP nomination. Donald Trump’s persona as the anti-George W. Bush has benefits and deficits. The greatest benefit is that the American people are opposed to imperial wars to make the world democratic.

Trump’s opponents in the primary campaign didn’t understand that and parrotted the language of the war faction within the Republican Party.

Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum both called for bombing Islamic terrorists into a stone age. John Kasich called for putting troops in Libya and called for arming Ukraine. Jeb Bush called for a preemptive strike against North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and brought his brother’s national security advisors back for another run for the White House

George W. Bush contaminated Republican Party leaders who had no recourse but to go along with a sitting President on policies that violated GOP fundamentals such as a new prescription medicine entitlement, federal spending greater than W’s six predecessors, and military action against Iraq that was ideologically motivated.

Something snapped in W’s brain when the attack on the World Trade Towers in New York, as well it might with anyone holding responsibility for the safety of America. Restraint was cast to the wind and, as happens in war time, all actions taken to repulse the attackers overreached.

American airports became home for a new class of government employees in a Transportation Security Administration. In other words, a Republican President expanded the federal bureaucracy!

The Patriot Act provided new sanctions on American speech and “W” authorized opening the door to surveillance and storage of domestic communications. American Presidents so inclined may now tap the email and cell phone communications of their enemies and bring criminal charges against them. Bob McDonnell and Dinesh D’Sousa may have been the first.

Republican Senator John McCain gloried in this growth in federal power and parlayed that into the GOP nomination for President. What was sweet music to the ears of loyal Republicans was heavy metal music to the ears of the American electorate, however, and that was the beginning of the end of the Bush GOP.

GOP leaders did not appreciate this, continued to spout the rhetoric of “W,” and lost two consecutive Presidential elections.

These same “W” loyalists are now opposing Donald Trump and their decision to bolt the Party in the Presidential election of 2016 is one reason that American government will be dominated by Democrats for at least a generation. That is the deficit of challenging the Bush, internationalist, wing of the GOP.


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