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Johnathan Martin and the NY Times

August 21, 2016

Visit this link at The New York Times  and you will find Johnathan Martin’s recent articles.

Of Martin’s last ten articles, nine are representative of bias against the Trump campaign.

I watch “Inside Politics” on CNN on Sunday mornings. The program is hosted by a professional journalist and Chief National, Correspondent John King. The program is a good summary of the week’s political news, but my eyes have wandered and have begun to watch Johnathan Martin.

I first took notice of Martin when he was introduced as a reporter for The New York Times, which alerted me to possible bias on Martin’s part. But, then Martin’s demeanor is not TV compatible. He looks like what we call a “Know it all,” and he has a way of scowling that lets us know what’s coming.

Recently, the camera has shown Martin looking down at his cell phone, as if the conversation of his colleagues on Inside Politics are not interesting. He also dresses poorly. This morning he wore a light cream summer suit, suitable for luncheon at a good restaurant in Manhattan and a garish tie.

I think it was pink.

Which brings me to this conclusion. Johnathan Martin is what we used to call a “pinko”.

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