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Donald Trump’s Government

August 27, 2016

American voters are interested to see if Donald Trump can win enough Electoral College votes to become President. If he does, whom will Donald Trump appoint to top positions in a Trump Administration?

Since Trump disdains policy analysis himself, we can infer that he will rely on those who were his surrogates during his Primary and Presidential campaigns.

Rudy Giuliani is clearly at the top of that list and can be expected to be appointed Attorney General.

Chris Christie (R-NJ) is also influential but may not accept nomination to a Cabinet position because he was passed over for Vice President. But, if he relents, he also can be expected to be nominated for Attorney General.

A couple of former Generals have appeared on Trump’s behalf and are probably in line for appointments to NSA or CIA.

The important position of National Security Advisor shapes national security policy, but none with that knowledge has, as yet, appeared, except John Bolton.

Nomination of someone to be Secretary of State is a question mark, though I’ve suggested Trump should consider Gov. John Kasich (R-OH).

In a normal Presidency, the candidate’s immediate advisors move into the White House and take charge. That would suggest that Giuliani and Christie will show up during the first several weeks of a Trump Presidency and possibly some businessmen that Trump has appointed to his Economic Policy team.

But, beyond those two experienced Republican politicians, who else is there?

Elizabeth “Betsy” McCaughey’s appearance today on the Michael Smerconish program on CNN suggests a New York connection. McCaughey was a disastrous appointee of Gov. George Pataki as his Lt. Governor and had to be dumped. Why Trump would call her into his circle knowing that she is not a stable political surrogate or prospective appointee is difficult to fathom.

Having banished Paul Manafort, it’s not likely that Reagan era personalities will be pulled from obscurity to man a Trump Presidency.  But, let’s throw out some names:

Secretary of State                            Gov. John Kasich (R-OH)

Treasury Secretary                          David Malpass

Secretary of Defense                      Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn

Attorney General                            Rudolph Giuliani

Interior                                               Jan Brewer

Agriculture                                        Charles Herbster

Commerce                                         Donald Trump, Jr.

Labor                                                   Chris Christie

Health & Human Services            Dr. Ben Carson

HUD                                                    Kim Abrams

Transportation                                William Palatucci

Energy                                                Harold Hamm

Education                                          Dr. Sam Clovis

Veterans Administration             Col. Oliver North

Homeland Security                         Corey Lewandowski

Chief of Staff                                     Jared Kunsler

National Security Advisor             John Bolton

CIA                                                        Gen. Jack Keane

United Nations                                 Elizabeth McCaughey

Council Economic Advisors          Peter Navarro

Domestic Policy                                Kellyanne Conway

Press Secretary                                 Katrina Pierson

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