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The RNC and the Trump Campaign

September 3, 2016

Today, The New York Times, usually reliable when it reports negative information about Republicans, reports that “Mr. Trump’s top policy adviser questioned Mr. Priebus’s competence in a caustic email this week after the Phoenix speech. And Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Mr. Priebus’s chief of staff clashed in a tense meeting over the use of the committee’s war chest.”

This sounds plausible, but what is implausible is why The Donald didn’t replace Reince Priebus when he won the GOP nomination. Priebus is a surrogate for the GOP Establishment who enthusiastically supported the “moderate” wing of the GOP that brought ruin to the Party.

Of course, Reince Priebus can’t be faulted for being true to his own lights, but The Donald must be credited for another major screw-up.

Hopefully, after the election, if The Donald still has a stomach for American politics, he will take control of the RNC, throw out Reince Priebus, and replace him with any number of professional managers–who have normal names like Rollins, Jeffries or Black –and who are attuned to voter opinion and the philosophy of limited government that the GOP formerly championed.

And while The Donald is doing that, he must do everything possible to remove the influence of the Internationalist wing of the Party that failed to support The Donald’s candidacy. Their names are Bush, Romney, Kristol, Rove, Weber, Gerson, Wolfowitz, Graham and the list goes on.



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