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A Republican “Shadow Cabinet”?

September 5, 2016

On May 10, 2016, conservative columnist Cal Thomas published an essay at titled  “A Shadow Cabinet for Trump.”  Though much too late for the inept Trump campaign for President, Cal Thomas has raised an important issue.

Why didn’t the GOP, faced with a radical Leftist government under Barack Obama, immediately take their “loyal opposition” into overdrive?

Congressional leaders, Boehner and McConnell, did nothing and left the GOP vulnerable to an outsider who successfully challenged every elected Republican politician with White House ambitions.  That failure to diagnose the policies of the Obama Administration and to evaluate his motives has placed limited government in the United States at death’s door.

There isn’t much that can be done now–the GOP blew it. But plans can be made to institutionalize a means by which to meet the opposition with immediate commentary and counter-policies.

In 1951, Hugh Gaitskill, leader of Britain’s Labour Party, fashioned a “Shadow Cabinet” to counter the policies of the British Conservative Party under the leadership of Winston Churchill.

Labour had defeated Churchill in 1945 and nationalized much of British industry and health services, but cracks in the socialist ideology gave the Conservatives a chance at reform.

By establishing a “shadow” Cabinet, Gaitskill hoped to meet the Conservatives at every turn. It is interesting that the American Green Party maintains a Green Shadow Cabinet, but not the GOP.

There are reasons for that. Republicans do not have an ideology and are held together by assumptions, traditions, and a generalized philosophy that hasn’t been articulated since Ronald Reagan ran for President in 1976.

Unfortunately, the lack of principled opposition to the policies of Barack Obama has brought the GOP to a  realignment or complete demise.

Traditional conservatives, Internationalists, and pragmatic “moderates”  will have four years of a Hillary Clinton administration to lick their wounds and fashion an attempt to return to power.

Perhaps a Republican Shadow Cabinet is one answer.



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