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Civic Education

September 14, 2016

On August 18, I reported that Republican pollster, Frank Luntz, is alarmed that the GOP has “lost” the Millennials. Americans age 18-34 are solidly aligned with the Politically Correct ideology advocated by Democrats. Millennials have no appreciation of free enterprise, the role of markets in the American economy, and the entrepreneurs who create markets. They know nothing about American history or the history of the West, and they are woefully ignorant of American national government and federalism.

The principal purpose of an education is to develop good character. One aspect of good character of citizens in self-governing societies is knowledge of history, economics, government and the achievements of the West. And, yes, even of geography.

Here is a representative sample of colleges that offer students an education in the responsibilities of self-government.

Traditional Liberal Arts  

Hillsdale College

Christian Liberal Arts Colleges

Grove City College    Ave Maria University    University of Dallas

Biola University    Regent University    Liberty University

Wyoming Catholic    St. Bonaventure

Great Books

College of the Arts and Sciences (Internet)    St. John’s College, Annapolis

St. John’s College, Santa Fe    Shimer College    Thomas Aquinas College

College of St. Thomas More    Gutenberg College    George Wythe College

University of St. Thomas    Mount St. Mary’s University

Concordia University (Montreal, Canada)

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