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Why Trump?

September 18, 2016

In The Conservative Rebellion  I argue that,  with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the “anticommunist” glue that held together all factions of the Republican Party was gone. The incumbent President, George H. W. Bush, could not articulate a new vision and was defeated by William Clinton.

There was also a generational aspect to the Bush defeat. He was the last President to have served in World War II.

John McCain and Mitt Romney also were unable to articulate a vision that was effective and both lost.

Now we have a candidate who has a very distinct vision that has attracted former Democrats, and many traditional Republicans, to his candidacy but, not the Internationalist “war faction” of the GOP led by George W. Bush and the remaining neoconservative Cold Warriors.

The Donald now faces a contest with Hillary Clinton who follows Barack Obama in the Presidents Leftward move of the Democrat Party. Burdened by a reputation for secrecy and dishonesty, Mrs. Clinton at age 70 is beginning to show signs of serious illness.

Her recent stumble as she left the 9/11 commemoration in New York City has sown fear among Democrats that Hillary “may not make it.”

That has given The Donald the break he needs to overcome his many serious missteps largely caused by his inability to keep his mouth–or his mouse—shut. The number of stupid statements he has made raise serious doubts about his suitability for this high office. Coupled with unwillingness to study public policy–on principle–even some supporters wonder if we can benefit from election of a loose cannon.

That is why, even at this late date in the 2016 election campaign, serious observers ask, “Why Trump?”

Here are five reasons not to vote for Trump:

1) Trump will make so many errors that he will destroy the recovery of the GOP.

2) Trump has few traditional GOP policies.

3) Trump is not committed to limited government and has proposed creating another Entitlement for mothers.

4) Trump has not thought through how to stop illegal immigration and has proposed building a wall, as if that can stop the flow of illegal’s and drugs across our southern border with Mexico.

5) If Hillary is elected she will make critical mistakes that in time a new coalition within the GOP will address. Hillary will help the GOP to recover.

Here are five reasons to vote for Trump:

1) Hillary Clinton will do nothing to secure our borders.

2) Hillary Clinton is ideologically incapable of dealing with Islamic terrorism.

3) Hillary Clinton’s economic policies will be a reprise of the failed economic policies of Barack Obama.

4) Hillary will do nothing to create conditions favorable for entrepreneurship.

5) If Hillary is incapacitated or dies in office, Tim Kaine (D-VA), a socialist committed to the ideology of Social Justice, will become President.


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