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Charlotte is the Victim

September 22, 2016

It was painful to watch this morning’s press conference of the Mayor of Charlotte. Rioting with loss of life and property occurred yesterday evening in Charlotte in response to a shooting by police of a black citizen. Though the person shot is seen as the victim, in reality, Charlotte is the victim of an organized effort to make race the focus of a post-Obama Administration’s community organizing.

Black Lives Matter is an organization built on a Leninist model of agitation and propaganda designed to bring about revolution. I demonstrate the validity of that assertion in this essay titled  Lenin, Obama and Black Lives Matter.

As Stanley Kurtz has shown in Radical-in-Chief Barack Obama was an instructor at the Midwest Academy in Chicago and specialized in teaching tactics well developed by Lenin and adapted to America by Saul Alinsky. Though Barack Obama has matured as a politician responsible for the United States, the demon of Marxism has always been present in his actions. His sponsorship of Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter are indications that, in the next decades, a young former President will do much to roil America with made-up dissonance.

We know that President Obama and Mrs. Obama felt rejection by  a white society which continues in their eyes to be racist. That is not a view shared by all African Americans. But 99%  were not “red diaper” babies. The immediate circle of President Obama, however, includea four, according to an editorial in Investor’s Business Daily for December 11, 2015:  Jeh Johnson, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and President Obama.

That the media did not research the influence of Marxism-Leninism in the President’s immediate circle leaves cities like Charlotte open to protests organized–not to redress wrongs–but to assure that civil society is in permanent revolution.

Revolution in permanence is President Obama’s gift to his country, a gift that is never-ending in rejection of the search for solutions and a commitment to revolution as a way of life.

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