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Pre-Revolutionary America

September 29, 2016

Do you find it interesting that President Obama is not focused on his Presidential library?  Our Marxist-trained community organizer President– sensitive to revolutionary moments– seems intent on wielding power after his term ends through organizations he creates and commits to agitation and propaganda.

Visit this essay, Lenin, Obama and Black Lives Matter, to comprehend that this is not a theory.

The Presidential election of 2016 revealed that  the Republican Party had lost support and was easily taken over by an outsider who is incapable of restoring the GOP as a social force. On the Democrat side, an old face stained by years of political combat, exhibits no ideas that attract younger voters. After Hillary’s first term, the Democrat Party will be a mere shell of its former greatness.

We are in a pre-revolutionary situation—not unlike that of Czarist Russia shortly before WW I—and we’re seeing a dissolution of legal coercion (the state) and transfer of hard and soft coercion to other centers of power–media, organizations committed to agitation (Black Lives Matter), institutional social forces—schools—and politicized churches—the Vatican.

If, after the Czar came Lenin, after Hillary, expect someone much worse than her predecessor.

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