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If Trump Relies on Conservatives

October 3, 2016

“Until the Battle of the Bulge, I did not share George’s (Patton) enthusiasm for his Third Army staff which unlike those of both the First and Ninth Armies, lacked outstanding individual performers.” –Omar N. Bradley, A Soldier’s Story

Gen. Bradley’s negative comment on the staff of Gen. George Patton reflected the difficulty that Gen. Patton had in attracting top rank commanders to serve on his personal staff. Patton had ruined his career by slapping an enlisted soldier, and would have been returned to the United States for the balance of World War II but for Gen. Eisenhower’s appreciation of his ability.

When Gen. Bradley did not anticipate the German offensive in the Ardennes, the “Battle of the Bulge” would have been lost had Gen. Patton not  marched his troops to Bastogne in 48 hours. Patton “made” his staff due his skill, mastery of mobile warfare, and sheer guts.

Today we have a nominee for President who has not been able to attract supporters of proven ability in finance, national security, education, energy, foreign policy or even trade. He has demonstrated little self-control, has not properly organized a run for the White House, and spends his time using Social Media to denigrate those who offend him.

If Donald Trump is elected, whom will he appoint to serve in his Administration?  If Trump digs deep into the conservative movement, he could organize one of the best Presidential Administrations in recent history.

Secretary of State                             Norman Bailey

Secretary of Treasury                      John Rutledge 

Defense                                               John Lenczowski

Attorney General                              Roger Pilon

Interior                                                Joseph Bast

Agriculture                                         Ron Williamson

HHS                                                      Greg Scandlen  

Transportation                                  Nathan A. Benefield

Education                                           Neal McCluskey

Veterans Administration               Mackubin Thomas Owens

Homeland Security                          John J. Tierney, Jr.

Federal Reserve                                James A. Dorn

EPA                                                       H. Sterling Burnett

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