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Voter Fraud?

October 18, 2016

In his own madcap way, Donald Trump has overturned a stone and found lots of worms. Trump’s warning that the Presidential election of 2016 will be rigged has so many over and undertones that it is hard to know how to explain what Trump wants us to believe.

Does he mean that the outcome of this Presidential election will be decided by voter fraud? Or is he railing against a system of national media so biased toward the Left that the average voter never hears what a Republican nominee proposes for the country?

With respect to the prevalence of voter fraud, we’re told by New York University’s Brennan Center that it is very rare.


John Fund has made voter fraud a pet project and by searching the Web for “John Fund + Voter Fraud” turns up a dozen citations including references to two books on voter fraud by John Fund.

None other than Edward Rollins, campaign manager and now Fox News commentator, was accused of buying the votes of African Americans with “walking around money.”

Does anyone think that Mayor Daley didn’t steal votes?

Or what about vote buying in West Virginia by John F. Kennedy that secured JFK’s election victory in 1960?

I’m not a politician or campaign manager, but in my Freshman year I worked for Richard Nixon in the 1960 Presidential campaign and learned how it’s done.

The manager of the office for the county Republican Party asked me to go along with him. He drove into a rural area of the county, stopped the car, reached for a bag from the back seat, and left the car to give the bag to a person standing in an open field.

I was to be witness that the bag was delivered. What was in the bag. Money for a dissident union leader to be used for buying votes.

On election day I was instructed in how to buy votes.

We picked up some people from a Ward where derelicts were common and gave them a marked paper ballot. They were instructed to enter the polling place, get a clean ballot, drop the marked ballot in the ballot box and return with a clean ballot. When that was done we paid them in cash and invited them to have a drink from any of the dozen whisky bottles in the trunk of the car.

Several years later, I learned that a very prominent multi-millionaire in the county delivered a suitcase with unreported cash for the Republican Party to use against a candidate for the U.S. Senate whom he despised.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny won election by 85.1% of the vote. Federal agents have requested “documents” from Jim Kenny’s mayoral campaign.

Now, if voter fraud has occurred in the past, why will it not occur today?

Of course, it will, if ballot fraud is necessary in key states that may go to Donald Trump–Ohio, Florida and North Carolina are likely prospects.





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