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Trump Nation

October 20, 2016

Sometimes, when in a relationship, a business venture or a long trip, you just know that “things” will go badly. There may be reasons for thinking that, or you just “sense” that the outcome will not be good.

That’s what we sensed about Donald Trump’s campaign for the GOP nomination for President. And last night when Donald Trump refused to say that he would accept the Presidential election result, we figured it out.

During the primary campaign, Trump frequently made statements that would come back to haunt him. His lack of preparation for a Presidential election bid was obvious. Trump never became a student of national security, economic or any other policies about which he was expected to know something..

Trump never organized a professional campaign organization and Trump simply expected the Republican National Committee to perform functions that a Presidential campaign was expected to organize and perform..

If I made a list of everything you would have to do to win elective office, the first thing on that list would be to keep your personal life immaculately clean. Don’t run for office after you have divorced your wife and don’t make lewd or profane public statements that are recorded and can and will be used against you.

In other words, Donald Trump did everything wrong except touch a nerve with the electorate on illegal immigration and trade agreements that moved American manufacturing jobs to low wage countries.

You have to give Trump credit since his opponents were parroting GOP policies crafted by President George W. Bush. Trump was fearlessly critical of “W.”  That literally handed the GOP nomination to Trump so he could–what?

Attempt to win election as President?

Last night we learned that Trump’s real purpose is to create something we can call “Trump Nation,” a coalition of American citizens who hold deep grievances that can be marshaled into a formidable fount of permanent opposition.

So, though Trump’s journey to the White House will end badly, and he has forced a break with the Internationalist wing of the GOP that will compel realignment of the American Party system, he really wasn’t intending to be elected, he was intending to create a nation of Trump supporters whose grievances can be massaged into a new political force..

“Trump Nation” assures that the real campaign for power begins after November 8 and will engage all Americans for more than a decade unless, of course, our foreign enemies–Russia, the People’s Republic of China and Iran–strike first.

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