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Who’s Good in Media Today?

October 23, 2016

Every political or economic or Evangelical conservative knows which members of the Media are biased. I have my own list that includes Mika Brzezinski, Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo and all those “journalists” cited in Wiki Leaks for sharing debate questions in advance with Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

We know who they are and avoid watching them.

But, who’s good?

I have a short, very short, list of good Media professionals that includes John King, CNN’s National Political Journalist, Tucker Carlson, Fox and Friends Weekend, Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday and, well, that’s about it.

This Wednesday Tucker Carlson will appear at the Norfolk forum, founded in 1933, in Norfolk, Virginia. He will be paired with John Carville, probably one of the best liars in politics today, even better than Bill Clinton.

Norfolk, Virginia is located at the tip of the Virginia Peninsula where much Patriot blood was spilled to wrest control of our country from the English Crown. During the French Revolution, aristocrats often fled France to Norfolk. They brought with them their Catholic faith and Norfolk has a large Catholic population. The 2010 census found that Norfolk was 47% white and 43% African American. Many of those African Americans are Catholic.

Norfolk has a large military population serving the Norfolk Naval base, the deepest port in the world, and the Naval Amphibious Base at Little Creek. For that reason, it is highly likely that Tucker Carlson will score big in his contest with Lyin’ John because, in the world of conservative Media, Carlson is the real thing.

One morning on Fox and Friends Weekend, Carlson got into a dust-up with a woman panelist. Three hours later, Fox News conducted an interview with the same panel, but with a different Anchor. He has been seen to take on Mara Liasson, NPR’s faux conservative, and to speak forcefully against being fearful of ISIS attacks in the United States. “We’re Americans, we can take it,” he said. He is also a young 47 and is likely to be around even if Fox News under Rupert Murdoch’s sons “goes south” on conservatives.

As for Carville, well, what can you say? He’s made a good living trying to cover up the scandals, deceits, and lies of Bill and Hillary Clinton and he is an astute student of politics. He’ll have some insights into the outcome of the Presidential election on November 8, but little to say about public policy of the Hillary Clinton Administration. He isn’t interested in policy. Politics is about personalities and Carville’s is as big a personality as they come.

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