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FBI Re-Opens Investigation

October 28, 2016

Hillary’s E-mail issues are being reexamined by the FBI.  At this point, we don’t know what exactly that means, though FBI Director James Comey was widely criticized for not pursuing prosecution of the former Secretary of State.

Though it seems that the FBI Director, after reviewing new information, may forward a recommendation of prosecution, that doesn’t mean that the Justice Department will accept that recommendation.

It is possible that Director Comey is covering his political petard knowing that he will be submitted to intense Congressional scrutiny in 2017.  He lost face with intelligence professionals who guard classified information with their lives. The cavalier manner in which Hillary Clinton handled classified documents is offensive.

Even if new information is actionable and in the unlikely event an indictment is brought against President-Elect Clinton, a sitting President cannot be removed from office other than by Impeachment.

Nevertheless, there are reports that Hillary Clinton is unable to constrain her emotions when questioned about this issue. A report is circulating that she experienced a meltdown after being interviewed by NBC’s Matt Lauer and threw a glass of water at one member of her personal staff and verbally abused Democratic National C ommittee Chairman Donna Brazile and then attempted to contact Comcast executives by telephone in order to demand that Matt Lauer be fired.

Stay tuned.

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