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What’s Next for America?

November 5, 2016

That question presumes that there is a political solution.

The GOP that controls both Houses of Congress was inept, ineffective, and focused on managing a Congressional process at an impasse. Sensing that there was no one in a long list of politicians seeking the GOP nomination for President who had any new answers, primary voters chose a billionaire celebrity television host and builder.

I didn’t see that coming, probably because I never watched The Apprentice or the Miss Universe contests which attracted millions of viewers. Occasionally I would hear political comments that Donald Trump uttered, but I wrote him off as a fraudulent actor seeking media attention.

Boy, was I wrong. But, now what?

All those Party line, working class, Democrat voters stuck in Rust Belt states heard The Donald’s claims that he would bring back manufacturing jobs by imposing tariffs, shutting down our border with Mexico, and sending back illegal immigrants to the countries they came from.

That is now the political policy of the Republican Party, at least the legal one that is registered in every state and whose candidate is Donald Trump. That is also the policy of the New Deal minus the big  spending.

A revival of the New Deal isn’t viable in America today, but it has appeal to many working class voters who feel stiffed by a Democrat Party that favors minorities, spends money as if there is an endless source of wealth, and leaves them and their children without “good jobs.”

If all that is true, then what will happen after the election?

After the election, Congressional Republicans will eviscerate a Clinton Presidency by hearings and ultimately introduce an Impeachment resolution. Though vengeance always has appeal, in the long term only a principled politician who can articulate a limited government philosophy can shape a political party that attracts political, economic and religious conservatives.

He will be challenged by the Internationalist wing of the GOP led by Neoconservatives, Bush Republicans, and the Congressional leadership.

Between 2017 and 2024, America will become weaker militarily and foreign crises will distract us from factional strife. The great danger is that a military leader, the proverbial “Man on a White Horse,” will be empowered by the state apparatus now in place that monitors our communications. A list will be composed of names and addresses of persons to be picked up and removed from positions of influence. Many Americans who work for branches of government or depend on the government for income, our business leaders who were “educated” in Leftist dominated colleges and universities and our technical classes who have no political views of their own will join our religious leaders and call for an end to political squabbling and contention.

All will be made good again by a strong man who doesn’t take guff from politicians. Perhaps he’ll wear a military uniform, or a nice suit. But, he will become what the Founding Fathers warned could happen and why they chose a Constitution of the United States with Separation of Powers.

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