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Liberal Domination of Higher Education

November 14, 2016

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports today  in  Colleges Are Liberal Bubbles that voting data indicates overwhelming support for Hillary Clinton in counties with public universities.

Yes, You’re Right, Colleges Are Liberal Bubbles. Here’s the DataBy Shannon Najmabadi and Katherine Knott,  NOVEMBER 14, 2016

Campuses tend to be viewed as enclaves of liberalism — bubbles or oases, depending on your view, set apart from the rest of America.

In the counties that are home to public flagship universities, only eight favored Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, according to a Chronicle analysis of voting data. In the 49 counties included in the analysis, Mrs. Clinton beat Mr. Trump, on average, by about 19 percentage points. In counties with a public flagship, the percentage of voters favoring Mrs. Clinton was 11 points, on average, higher than her statewide percentage.

Here’s a table with all 49 of those the flagships, comparing Mr. Trump’s margin in the state and the county with the public flagship.

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