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Thank Trump for a New Beginning

November 17, 2016

We should be thankful for the realignment meted out to Democrats and the GOP by Donald Trump.  The ship of state under “W” and Obama was beginning to look like the maiden voyage of the Titanic. But, just maybe, Trump has kept us from disaster.

As we witness leaks about top appointments, we see that Trump is the overseer of a mass of contending forces. One example is the leak about John Bolton as a possible Secretary of State. Another is a move by House Republicans to bring back “earmarks.”

Both are disastrous actions that take us back to the bad old days when “Big Government” Republicans blew the budget, increased deficits to new levels, engaged in imperial wars, created a major new Entitlement and added TSA to the federal bureaucracy.

We should thank God for even small changes in policy made by a Trump Administration and recognize that his Administration is just the beginning of the beginning.

Even if he is able to move away only slightly from the course taken by “W” and Obama, we will be better off and our children may avoid the despotism that lurks when nations go down that “road to serfdom” that Frederick Hayek warned was where we were heading.

The road taken from Woodrow Wilson to FDR to Eisenhower to JFK to LBJ to Nixon through  Ford to Carter brought us nearer to that end goal. Only the example of the Soviet Union kept us from admiring “the state” in the manner now celebrated by our media, universities, corporations and religious leaders.

Trump beat them all and now we have a new beginning of the beginning.

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