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Long Live Free Cuba

November 26, 2016

The death of Fidel Castro at age 90 and after fifty-seven years of Marxist domination of Cuba is good reason to celebrate and mourn.  We celebrate that, finally, this example of human cruelty and fanaticism to a dead ideology is gone. But we mourn the damage done to the Cuban people and what his longstanding survival says about the United States.

Today–on Fox News–Geraldo Rivera explained the “good things” that Castro did. And on MSNBC former Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich took an even-handed look at Cuban exiles who are exalted and Cubans in Cuba who are mourning. We can forgive Kucinich because he is from Ohio where moderates like John Kasich, Rob Portman and John Boehner are representatives of a Republican Party.

In other words, these two men–Rivera and Kucinich–learned nothing about Marxism-Leninism, the death and destruction that Marxist ideology brought to hundreds of millions of innocents captive in what we used to call “Captive Nations.”

The “late great”–to use Donald Trump’s description of Abraham Lincoln–John F. Kennedy displayed terrible weakness at the Bay of Pigs that strengthened Castro at a time when we might have removed him from power. Because of that weakness, JFK ultimately paid with his life by a Marxist assassin.

What did JFK’s successor do?  President Johnson engaged in a cover-up of the assassination and pursued a war half a world away in Vietnam, but not in our own backyard.  As a consequence, the United States was then held hostage to a maniacal Marxist leader who even as late as the 1980’s urged the Soviet Union to attack the United States. And, there is evidence that missiles that could strike the United States were still in Cuba twenty-five years ago–more than thirty years after Castro took power..

If ever there was a reason for the United States to fight a war, Castro was that reason and that we allowed the Cuban people to struggle in captivity for half a century and more is a stain on our great country and its elected “leaders.”  In this context, we look to Marco Rubio and Donald Trump to bring sanity to Cuban-American foreign relations and compel an immediate transition from a totalitarian to a free Cuban society.

Bring down the last remaining evidence that there ever was a Fidel Castro. Cuba libre!


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