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Trump’s Party?

November 28, 2016

Among many others, I believed that Donald Trump’s capture of the GOP nomination for President represented a realignment in American politics.

Trump’s policies were a rebuke of the influence and legacy within the GOP of George W. Bush. “W” destroyed the Republican “brand” by excessive spending, engaging in imperial wars, creating a new Entitlement, and a new federal bureaucracy in the form of TSA.

‘W” was not a Republican I could support and I have been loyal to the Party even when Ronald Reagan challenged Gerald Ford.

For that reason I thought that Donald Trump would move to create the GOP in his own image and understand that though he was the legal nominee of the GOP for President, he did not represent  “the Party.”

Had that been true, Donald Trump would not have chosen Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff and the dust-up over the pretention to become Secretary of State of Mitt Romney is related to Trump’s decision to lead the Republican Party, not a Trump Party.

That decision will affect the development of a Trump Administration and give pause to a process of realignment of the GOP that might have been. Newt Gingrich, Kellyanne Conway and Mike Huckabee understand that and have spoken publicly against a Romney nomination for Secretary of State.

Lest we forget, Reince Priebus was the head of the Republican National Committee that chose a liberal, former governor of Massachusetts, as the GOP nominee in 2012 and did so in the face of opposition from Evangelical conservatives who believe that Romney’s Mormon faith disqualifies him from the Presidency of a Christian nation.

Yes, I know, those are strong words, but if Romney had been a Presbyterian, or even a Catholic, he would have defeated Barack Obama in 2012.

Reince Priebus, i conclude, is the cancer at the root of all the public controversies of the Trump Administration and Trump’s decision to lead the Republican Party and not a Trump Party will ultimately destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency.

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