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Bye-bye, Reince Priebus

November 30, 2016

Former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, violated a code of politics: once your Party nominates a candidate, keep your mouth shut.

And, if you were your Party’s former nominee for President, give public support to your Party’s nominee.

Mitt Romney violated those codes and now Reince Priebus is trying to patch up differences between Romney and President-Elect Trump.

No wonder Kellyanne Conway, Mike Huckabe and Newt Gringrich have spoken out against the selection of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State.

A few days ago I commented  that Reince Priebus is out of touch, but yesterday’s dinner with Romney, Priebus and the President-Elect was a disaster.

The menu featured “frogs legs.”

Are you kidding?  If Priebus had good sense  he would have asked Donald Trump to take them to Restaurant 21 where Trump likes the hamburgers.

Mark my words: Priebus will be gone within a year!



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