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Cabinet Picking

December 2, 2016

Choosing, nominating and confirming a Cabinet of a new President of the United States reveals their strengths, weaknesses and ideas.

Here’s a link to the Cabinet  of President Dwight Eisenhower.

Chief of Staff:                          Sherman Adams

National Security Advisor:  Robert Cutler

CIA                                              Allen Dulles

Secretary of State:               John Foster Dulles

Secretary of Treasury:         George Humphrey

Secretary of Defense:          Charles Wilson

Attorney General:                 Herbert Brownell

Postmaster General:            Arthur Summerfelt

Secretary of Interior:            Charles McKay

Secretary of Agriculture:     Ezra Taft Benson

Secretary of Commerce:     Sinclair Weeks

HEW:                                      Oveta Culp Hobby

Labor:                                     Martin Durkin

Here’s a link to the Cabinet of President Richard Nixon.

Chief of Staff:                          H. R. Haldeman

National Security Advisor:  Henry Kissinger

CIA                                              Richard Helms

Secretary of State                William Rogers

Secretary of Treasury          David Kennedy

Secretary of Defense           Melvin Laird

Attorney General                  John Mitchell

Postmaster General             William Blount

Secretary of Interior             Walter Hickel

Secretary of Agriculture      Clifford Hardin

Secretary of Commerce       Maurice Stans

Secretary of Labor                George Shultz

HEW                                          Robert Finch

HUD                                          George Romney

Transportation                      John Volpe

Thus far, here are the names of President-Elect Trump’s Cabinet

Chief of Staff                                    Reince Priebus

National Security Advisor           Gen. Michael Flynn

CIA:                                                    Cong. Mike Pompeo

Secretary of State:               ?

Secretary of Treasury:         Steven Mnuchin

Secretary of Defense:          Gen. James Mattes

Attorney General:                Sen. Jeff Sessions

Secretary of Commerce:     Wilbur Ross

HHS                                           Dr. Tom Price

What do these comparisons tell us?

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