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Remember the Whiskey Rebellion?

December 5, 2016

Anthropologist, Dr. Stanley Kurtz, published Radical-in-Chief in 2010.  His study of the origins of Barack Obama’s socialist ideology is as good a study of a contemporary personality as any that has been published. I felt, based on Kurtz’ exposé of the Marxist origins of Obama’s thinking, that a second term for this Marxist radical was impossible.

But, Reince Priebus and the moderates within the GOP were able to nominate a Liberal, former governor of Massachusetts, with so many political deficiencies that Obama won a second term. That was a tragedy for the GOP, the American people and, ultimately a Democrat Party that has fallen to its lowest level of influence since the Administrations of Harding and Coolidge.

The tragic consequences of Romney’s defeat led to conquest of the Republican Party apparatus by a New Deal Democrat businessman with no government experience and lots of poorly thought-out ideas.

And the tragedy of the American people lies in their inability to understand the radical nature of the policies of Barack Obama and where they would lead the nation.

Yesterday, the Obama Administration stuck another knife in the national interest by directing the Army Corps of Engineers not to permit continuation of the Dakota Access Pipeline across Standing Rock Sioux tribal lands.

This is not the end of the saga. The Trump Administration will reverse the decision, the pipeline will be built and for decades attempts will be made to create devastating leaks.

I explore the role Barack Obama will play in fanning the flames of these protests in my essay titled “Lenin, Obama and Black Lives Matter.” President Obama can be expected to use his standing as a former President of the United States to attract many to engage in new rioting and he has the will.

Evidence of that may be seen in his support of Black Lives Matter and the curious fact that as he prepares to leave the White House, he is not giving attention to his Presidential Library that most ego-driven Presidents give to these ghastly memorials. Obama’s thoughts are focused on continuing the revolution he learned as a young college student.

Back in the 1960’s, anti-technological radicals would occasionally blow up microwave towers. In 1999 in Seattle, radicals destroyed the city in protest against a meeting of the World Trade Organization  Ordinary municipal executives, and even some members of Congress, have never studied the works of Lenin and are ignorant of the literature that inspires the actions of modern radicals. Some books have been written in response such as Nick Nichols’ Rules for Corporate Warriors  and Trashing the Economy by Arnold and Gottlieb, but few read them.

Here’s the bottom line: energy independence is in the national interest of the United States and a means to lessening dependence on Russian oil and gas of Western Europe. Fracking, new gas pipelines and renewed production of coal are ways to achieve that.

The response of President George Washington to the Whiskey Rebellion  should guide the new Trump Administration. Plan now to organize massive military force to threaten rioters blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline–or else.



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