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Cleaning the Swamp

December 7, 2016

Former Sen. Bob Dole is 93 years old and “Special Counsel” to the Washington, DC firm of Alston and Bird. The New York Times reports that this nonagenarian accepted fees of $140,000 to insert language favorable to the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the 2016 GOP Platform. Implicit in this report is the assumption that President-elect Donald Trump’s phone call with the newly elected President of the ROC was engineered by Dole’s lobbying firm.

Despite Donald Trump’s intention to “clean the swamp,” it’s clear that even before taking office the swamp has figured out how to get what it wants from the new President of the United States.

The scandal in this report is that Bob Dole is too damn old to be advising anyone and he is best known by the term that Newt Gingrich hung on him–“Tax collector of the Welfare State.”

It’s clear that President Trump has no intention of controlling the federal deficit and has no understanding of how difficult it is to generate economic growth even with a well-designed plan of significant tax cuts. His talk about keeping American “jobs” in America by threatening companies that leave with tariffs is pure malarkey.

So, tighten your belt. We’re in for some political and economic turbulence real soon.

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