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Beware of “Us”

December 10, 2016

What motivates policy “wonks,” educated persons employed in productive enterprises, media professionals and religious leaders to champion big government?

The United States, since World War I, has undergone a massive transformation during which the private sector was surpassed and made dependent on the public sector. You don’t have to be an economist with access to U.S. Treasury reports to sense that government is big and getting bigger. Look at your own family and examine who is employed by a division of government whether it be some form of public education, local, state or federal government, and, lest we forget, United States military services are a part of the U.S. government.

It wasn’t always that way and what occurred came with our responsibility for leadership of a world devastated by the second World War, the failure to contain Stalin’s Soviet Union and, later, the troubles inflicted on our Asian allies by North Korea and the People’s Republic of China.

We learned that the world is a dangerous place and that, if we didn’t want greater events than the attack on Pearl Harbor to occur, we had to defend ourselves.

All that was necessary and good, but today we have another enemy, more dangerous than the PRC, Russia or Iran. That enemy is “us.”

I don’t mean any one of “us,” but collectively we have tolerated the development of a vast, internal, administrative state. Harbored in every government agency, particularly in the federal government, are tens of thousands of persons who use the power of the state to administer regulations, impose and collect taxes and fees, host agencies for surveillance of our personal communications, and consume our wealth.

I have finished reading  Steven Hayward’s Patriotism is Not Enough and he has, among other things, much to say about what he calls the “relentless centralization” that has occurred in America and how we Americans are governed without our consent.

The Democrat Party has latched onto this administrative state and become a champion of its growth–and I must add that I am saddened by the growth of Big Government “conservatives” within the Republican Party– too. Unfortunately, our educators are employed in a system that has lowered the standards of education of the American people. Hayward quotes Max Weber who believed that “bureaucracy welcomes” the uninformed. Well, that is what comes out of our high schools, colleges and universities–uniformed, low information, college “educated” Americans.

Despite all odds, the American people have elected a President with a new voice that speaks to these issues. As we enter a New Year and a new President of the United States takes the oath of office, let us pray that God grants him the wisdom to distinguish between truth and falsehood, good versus bad policy, and what is essential as opposed to what is not.

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