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Freedom of Press and Libel

December 10, 2016

Cable News Network and MSNBC are playing a dangerous game. CNN’s “Conflict of Interest Watch” and MSNBC fixation on “racism”–mainly Republican racism–and Russian intrusion into our electoral process have generated hatred of what is called “Mainline Media” or what Rush Limbaugh calls the “Drive By” Media.

I’m not sure why these two cable networks have gone to war against a Trump Administration even before Donald Trump takes office, but there is a clear line between reporting and “making” news in order to bring down a President. Entrapment is a game that the media plays all the time when it interviews a Republican or conservative spokesman, so much so that when Politico asked us to explain why Pat Toomey served on the Board of Trustees of Yorktown University, we refused, telling the “journalist” that Politico was simply too biased.

The First Amendment has protected print and electronic media from legislation restricting what and how it reports events, but that doesn’t mean that this Republican government will not take a closer look at libel laws and, especially, how they function in England.

It just might be time to look toward laws against libel in order to protect the American people from media bias. Even if no legislation is the outcome of such an examination, it may cool the tempers of the Leftists who dominate what we read, watch on broadcast television and cable, and state radio (NPR) and television (CPB) and see in the movies.

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