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Suicide of the Conservative Movement

December 15, 2016

We have a new President motivated by personal ambition and invigorated by the electoral response to his claim to address the inequities of policies that ignored the workingman.

Donald Trump rejected the policies of a GOP Establishment on the use of military power for imperial purposes, favoring corporations in trade agreements that led to balance of trade deficits and permitted our roads, airports, bridges and tunnels to fall into disrepair.

Donald Trump adopted arguments in favor of tax cuts–ostensibly to pay for new expenditures–but has not appointed any advocate of tax cuts other than two managing directors of the Wall Street firm of Goldman Sachs.

Donald Trump ignored concerns of traditional conservatives that Entitlements were a burden on present and future generations and must be constrained and spoke of the threat of Islamic terrorism that he vowed to destroy by military force.

Donald Trump clearly loves the military and has appointed three General Officers to key agencies. His nominee for Secretary of State is a corporate manager of the largest oil producer in the world with extensive business relations in the former Soviet Union.

If anyone can make a consistent political philosophy of this grab bag of concerns, postures and promise, it is Dr. Bruce Frohnen.

Dr. Frohnen is Professor of Law at Ohio Northern University School of Law and former editor of The Political Science Reviewer.

Dr. Frohnen observes the following in an essay published in the current issue of the the University Bookman:

The conservative movement was an attempt to bring our then-nascent elites to understand their duties and the limits of their powers. That movement itself was corrupted by power and has ceased to function, along with the Republican party establishment that co-opted it.

Organizations that were founded to represent movement conservatives are now transformed into conservative businesses. Few of the right-wing organizations domiciled within the Washington, DC Beltway will put their businesses at risk by criticizing those in power.  I referred to this crackup of the conservative movement as the “irruption of Sycophants.”

Long before Donald Trump decided to run for President of the United States, Dr. Frohnen, too, observes that the organizations that were developed by a new conservative movement lost their purpose and sought power instead of principle. This means that the “conservative movement,” has nothing to offer President Trump other than appeasement. It is tough standing up to a President of our own Party, but that is what we once were called to do.

Instead of an  honorable death, the professional conservatives have chosen suicide.

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